I’m a person. I’m a professional. I make it easy.

I’m a person. I’m a daughter. I’m a wife. I’m a mother. I’m a friend. I have an estate plan of my very own – and the peace of mind that comes from having that plan in place is one of the best gifts I’ll ever give myself and my loved ones. I find great joy in helping others achieve that same peace of mind and I take immense pride in my work.

I’m a professional. Prior to starting my own firm, I practiced law at both big and small law firms. I am a double-barred attorney, admitted in both California and New York. I research, write and publish scholarly articles. I speak on legal issues at local, national and international conferences.

I make it easy. As important as it is to plan for, and protect, yourself and your loved ones, I also know your time is precious and estate planning may sound like a time-consuming chore. I will streamline and simplify the process for you – without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

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